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Psytools benefits

Do more

Extend the scope of your study

Add to the breadth and depth of your study by running accurate cognitive measures alongside your questionnaire based assessment. Psytools provides a reliable and highly flexible experimental environment, allowing you to implement a broad range of standard and custom measures.

Reach a wider population

Deliver your experimental measures to a larger population and investigate them with more sensitivity. For the first time gathering normative data for your experimental measures is a practical undertaking.

Optimise participation

Don't be limited by the amount of time you can spend in the physical presence of your participant. Psytools provides you with a cognitive testing platform within your participant's home. This gives you the opportunity to greatly extend your testing battery.

Retain your experimental validity

Psytools provides a stable environment for your whole study, behaving consistently across a wide range of computer specifications and internet connections. There is no need to compromise your experimental rigour to bring the benefits of the internet to your study.

Improve efficiency

No new programming language to learn

We program your entire task battery for you; all you have to provide are the specifications and the stimuli. This means your entire task battery can be ready in a matter of days and frees valuable time for you and your team.

Reduce your workload

We take care of the technology and infrastructure, freeing you to concentrate on your research. Through a single point of contact and set of tools the administrative demands placed on your team are reduced. All results are returned and consolidated in a central database giving you have quicker and better access to your data as it is gathered.

Take advantage of a dedicated framework

All your measures benefit from the dependable common components of the Psytools platform; reliable distribution, consistent task delivery, secure data return and handling - vital to any successful study. Results pass directly into the database, eliminating data loss caused by error-prone manual or automated data-entry steps.

More value from your funding

The use of Psytools is licensed on an annual basis and is priced per participant to be highly competitive with the total cost of conducting a study by postal measures (see the pricing page for more details).